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Eco-conscious beauty brand chooses tree-free fiber packaging

Posted by Lisa McTigue Pierce -- Packaging Digest, 2012-04-26 01:27:21 EDT

Face 4 humanity, an eco-conscious skincare line, enhances its commitment to the environment by using FiberStone tree-free, water-free, low-carbon-footprint packaging products.

As a high-end, eco-conscious personal care products company, face 4 humanity recently completed its new packaging with FiberStone tree-free gift bags, complete with hemp handles. "We love the whole idea behind FiberStone, as it puts us one step closer to our goals," says Kathleen Crawford, cofounder of face 4 humanity. "The FiberStone products are not only functional but they are beautiful as well."

"We are striving at all times to be the best we can be with regards to eco-sustainability," cofounder Desne Holland explains. "Who would have ever thought of paper made from stone! Our clients are fascinated. Once they get to feel the quality, they are very impressed."

The gift bags, 5-3/4 inches tall and 3 inches wide when standing up, are offset printed in four colors with soy inks. A luxurious matte finish and a special request hemp cord complete the all-natural presentation.

FiberStone, a registered trademark of Natural Source Partners Inc., is a line of tree-free, water-free, low-carbon-footprint papers that come from an abundant renewable, sustainable resource-natural limestone or common rocks. Natural Source Printing has been producing labels, POP displays, bags, brochures, catalogs, annual reports and pressure-sensitive labels on the stone paper material for more than five years.

Crawford continues: "The smoothness and quality, the look and feel help communicate the ?high-end' nature of our products. Printing all that we can on FiberStone paper allows us to really walk our walk and be truly eco-friendly."

Linda Wooley-Radke, president of Natural Source Printing, states: "Our vision is to help companies achieve their environmental and sustainability goals. As companies embrace greater responsibilities for environmental concerns, they are seeking resources to help them along that path. The durability and soft feel of FiberStone add to its appeal. To the touch, it feels like a luxurious coated paper. And because it doesn't require water to manufacture, it saves more than just trees."

Face 4 humanity has an eco-consciousness commitment from top to bottom, from its eco-certified glass manufacturer to the biodegradable tape used to seal its shipping boxes. The labels on the skincare bottles themselves are also FiberStone paper. "Having the smallest carbon footprint possible is very important to us, and FiberStone helps our cause," Crawford concludes. "Knowing that we are not cutting down our precious trees for a label or a bag is a great feeling."

The labels on the bottles of the all-natural skincare line are also FiberStone paper, printed with non-toxic vegetable based printing inks and attached with non-toxic, water-based adhesives.