Eric McCormack – "Perception", "Will and Grace"
The great fringe benefit of having my friend Kathleen Crawford doing my makeup everyday for the last two seasons of "Perception" was being introduced to her amazing @Face4Humanity products. The Face Serum is the most gentle moisturizer I’ve tried; and the Eye Cream really gets results. I’m not a great sleeper, so I need something potent for dark circles. And it works. For the love of Humanity, try this stuff!
JoBeth Williams – "Poltergeist", "The Big Chill"
I use Face4Humanity serum and eye cream every day, and I adore how they make my skin look and feel. Because they are made with all natural, organic ingredients, I know I am giving my skin the best of care!
Scott Wolf – "Party of Five", "V", "Everwood" 
As an actor, I’ve had a million different makeups and creams put on my face over the years. Obviously, taking care of my skin is important, but I've never really loved anything I used enough to stay with it. Face 4 Humanity's serum and eye cream have changed that for good. Since being introduced to it, I truly haven't gone a day without it. In 20 seconds I can apply both, and I'm good for the day. My face feels amazing, refreshed and healthy. I would use their products anyway, but the fact that I share a belief in this company's mission to care for human health and the environment is a beautiful bonus.
LeVar Burton - "Star Trek: The Next Generation", "Roots"
My skin tends to be on the dry side in almost any climate except the Caribbean. I am always looking for the most elegant solution I can find to add to my pantheon of elegant solutions for life. The only products I need for my face are face 4 humanity's serum and eye cream.
Penelope Ann Miller - "The Artist", "Carlito's Way"
The 1st day I began using the face and eye serum I started getting compliments on my complexion. People have been saying everything from, "Your skin looks beautiful, "You're glowing", to "You look radiant"! My skin is more even-toned, hydrated and feels smoother. Even the fine wrinkles around my eyes have diminished. In my profession, where the focus is on how I look, I'm so grateful to have found these products. It's also great to know that they are Organic and safe for my skin. For anyone who is looking for a product that will make your skin look and feel young, healthy, and radiant, I highly recommend face 4 humanity! You won't regret it!!!
Jamie Lynn Sigler - "Guys With Kids", "The Sopranos"
I have made an effort to go "natural" in all areas of my life but was not sure if great skin care could be achieved with that. But it has!! I love my face 4 humanity products! My skin feels alive and amazing (even through the dry summer) and I love that it is healthy for my skin and my body too!!!
JoAnna Garcia Swisher - "Animal Practice," "Privileged," "Reba"
I am obsessed with face 4 humanity natural skin care products! Between my long hours at work and my crazy travel schedule I'm so happy to finally be able to simplify my beauty regimen with these amazing products. The face serum and the eye cream are all I need now and my skin has never looked or felt better.
Kari Matchett - "Covert Affairs", "Invasion"
I've been using face 4 humanity organic skin care for several months now and have noticed a distinct difference. Fine lines have softened and it is perfectly moisturizing. I use it on camera and off. I love the way it feels and philosophically, I love what it is made with AND what it is made without."
Jes Macallan - "Mistresses"
I have always struggled with finding the right moisture balanced product for my face. Most are too thick or too thin, face 4 humanity is an entirely different feeling. Instead of putting it on my face and it just sitting there, I can actually feel it immediately soak in. My skin is transformed seconds after I apply it... Redness is minimized, pores are smaller, and my face is perfectly hydrated. This is so vital when constantly putting on and taking off makeup. The eye cream and serum are all I need now after I cleanse, so my regimen is a piece of cake. Not to mention the product is all natural! Thank you face 4 humanity!
Jason Gray-Stanford - "Monk"
Having sensitive skin all my life, I have pretty much tried every product on the market. For me, face 4 humanity covers all the bases. Not only can I wear it morning, noon, and night, but also, the fact that it's environmentally friendly is important to me. Since using it I have without a doubt noticed that my skin looks, feels, and IS healthier than it has ever been before.
Rochelle Aytes - "Mistresses", "The Forgotten"
I absolutely love using face 4 humanity skin care products! My skin has never looked smoother or more radiant!
Whitney James - Make-up Artist - "Rock of Ages" and "Wanderlust"
I write as the department head of Rock of Ages. During shooting we struggled with the humidity of Florida summer, night shooting and long hours. It is always a balance to find skin care that works not only in the elements, but also with each individual’s skin. We were lucky enough to have been given face 4 humanity Eye Cream and Face Serum, at the beginning of our shoots.
Normally I am wary of new products, fearing some hideous thing on set could "break out." In this case, after reading the amazing organic ingredients, I decided to try the product first on myself and then on our cast members. We had actors aged 20-50 plus. face 4 humanity worked so well on our cast across the board. It is light to the touch, very moisturizing, creating supple skin, without being heavy or greasy. The skin looks so healthy and beautiful upon using Face Serum, and the skin around the eyes looks bright and fresh with the Eye Cream.
I cannot recommend face 4 humanity enough. I live in a cold environment in the winter and equally as light and fresh as it was in the humidity, it moisturized and gave my skin all the drink it needed, during the harsh winter months.
Thank you f4h!
Kyra Sedgwick - "The Closer"
I can't say enough about face 4 humanity serum and eye cream. I love the way it feels, smells, and the results speak for themselves! I can really see a difference in the clarity and balance of my skin. The big plus for me is the fact that I know that every ingredient is healthful, non toxic and environmentally safe. These are two products I can feel really good about using.
Melissa Joan Hart - "Melissa & Joey" "Sabrina The Teenage Witch"
Even after only a few days of using face 4 humanity products, I can see a difference in the health and appearance of my skin. My face feels soft and hydrated and has a gorgeous glow. Best of all, I can feel good knowing that it's made with all natural ingredients and it's eco-friendly!
Joey Lawrence - "Melissa & Joey" on ABC Family, "Blossom"
Being on camera for most of my life, I've battled many skin issues like breakouts and dryness from all of the makeup, dusty stages and hot lights. I have been using face 4 humanity eye cream and face serum and have noticed a huge difference in my skin. I love these products and highly recommend them to everyone wanting to see an improvement. Thanks for giving me a product that really works and that doesn't have any harmful ingredients!
Jennifer Guerrero - Three time Emmy Award winning Hairstylist - "Dancing With The Stars"
Even when I have not been taking care of myself, not drinking enough water, poor diet or just dry weather, I can always count on my face 4 humanity eye cream and face serum to make me look like I have. These products are my little secret to healthy looking skin!
Kristina Vogel - Two Time Emmy Award Winning Make-Up Artist. Entrepreneur. Owner - Bathbar.com
What can I say... I love my face 4 humanity products! My skin has never felt so good! I have been a make-up artist for twenty some odd years and have tried many skin care products not only on myself, but on my clients as well and have not found any eye creams or face serums that have topped these two products. They make your skin feel soft, nourished and diminish the look of any imperfections. The fact that they are completely natural, have many exclusive ingredients and no toxic preservatives, only make them more effective. You can tell these products are a true labor of love when only the best will do! Thank you so much Kathleen and Desne for creating a product that makes a difference!
Marie DelPrete - Emmy Award winning Makeup Artist - "Rules Of Engagement" "So You Think You Can Dance"
I am a true fan of face 4 humanity! I use it on myself as well as my clients. The serum has such a lightweight consistency, yet it's incredibly hydrating. It's like giving the skin a tall glass of water: soaking right in and showing instant results. The eye cream has the same light texture. It's a miracle on tired eyes, firming the skin and smoothing away fine lines. face 4 humanity feels cool and fresh, just like water on the face. The skin perks up, looking moist and plump, with a soft, healthy glow. I feel great about using face 4 humanity products on all my clients. Because they're so hydrating and good for the skin, they make my job as a makeup artist so much easier. Makeup glides right on. And it doesn't clog the pores or feel greasy like other products do. They're all natural and healthy for the skin. From the wholesome ingredients to the eco-friendly production methods and packaging, face 4 humanity is healthy for the planet, too! What's not to love?
Rae Tanner, MA - Organizational Leadership and Learning, Chief Executive Officer, Miracle Sales Inc. Simi Valley, California
I've always battled dry skin, but my skin is so sensitive, even hypo-allergenic and fragrance-free facial moisturizers make my skin break out. Finally, someone has come up with an innovative, ultra-pure skin care line that repairs on a cellular level without causing a breakout reaction. My face4humanity eye cream has completely erased the fine lines around my eyes, and the serum makes the rest of my face feel tighter, brighter, and utterly nourished. Crow's feet and that dry, hollow look are completely gone. It's like magic!