About Us

At face 4 humanity we think it's important to care for our skin, our bodies and our planet - today, tomorrow and for generations to come. We have spent several years developing skin care products that use only the purest natural ingredients in formulas that naturally preserve their nutritive value on the molecular level for beautiful skin without harmful side effects.
Our commitment and dedication to quality, transparency, and sustainability guides us in everything we do. From the way each ingredient is selected, sourced and handled, to the process used in making our recyclable glass bottles. From the tree free paper and vegetable based inks we've chosen for our labels, to the shipping box that arrives on your doorstep. Every element of our products is consistent with our principles.
Exceptional Ingredients. Exceptional Results.
We bring you the 'Exceptional' to give you beautiful, healthy looking skin as well as a personal sense of well being and the peace of mind that comes from knowing you've been as kind to the world around you as you have to your skin.
We think that's important.