Growing up oceans apart - Desne in Australia and Kathleen in Canada - we were both fortunate to live in beautiful places where we learned a profound respect for the natural world and an understanding of the precious connection between the health of our planet and our own wellbeing.
Perhaps improbably, we both made our way to Hollywood where we've enjoyed successful careers as professional make-up artists in film and television for over 25 years.
Along the way we learned a lot, including the fact that most skin care products don't really work and most do more harm than good! They may smell pretty or feel nice to the touch - some are even effective at least short-term, however, most deliver toxic ingredients directly into the body via the skin (the body's largest organ).
Even many "natural" and "organic" ingredients, harmless on their own, are processed or combined in ways that aren't safe for the body or the environment.
So we did the only thing that made sense to us - we created face 4 humanity: skin care products that work the way they should, without harming our bodies or our planet.
We're proud to offer you an exceptional skin care line. Our products are as safe as they are effective. Our packaging, as beautiful as it is sustainable.
Because we feel no one should have to choose between beautiful skin and healthy skin, between taking care of our skin and taking care of our planet.