Bio Farming

Biodynamic Agriculture

The word "Biodynamic" is derived from the Greek words bios meaning "life" and dyn meaning "force".
Developed by Dr. Rudolf Steiner, biodynamic agriculture is the method of cultivation that views the farm as a single living, breathing and self-nourishing organism. Through the harmonious integration of a farm's ecosystem (sun, moon, soil, water, and animal life), the farmer is able to yield a bountiful crop that is free from chemical fertilizers and pesticides.
At face 4 humanity we share the same philosophies as the Biodynamic farmer, viewing sickness as a sign of imbalance. While the farmer identifies where the crop has an imbalance and fixes it rather than treating the area with pesticides, face 4 humanity believes in bringing our skin back into balance by treating it with pure, natural ingredients that nourish and heal.
Regarded by most to be one of the first modern ecological farming systems and considered to be one of the most sustainable, Biodynamic farming does not depend on mining the Earth's natural resource base but instead contributes to it.

Certified Organic

"Certified Organic" means that an ingredient has been produced under the watchful eye of strict government standards and verified by third-party organizations.
In response to growing concerns with the impact of chemicals to human health and the environment, face 4 humanity products are handcrafted using many "certified organic" ingredients.
Our skin is the largest organ in the body and we believe in treating it with the utmost respect, using only pure and natural products to bring back the balance that nature intended for it.