Water Process

Every Drop of water found on Earth today has been here for billions of years - including the water that has been damaged and polluted by human beings. Because water has molecular or structural memory, the good news is that we can return it to its purified state. face 4 humanity is committed to doing just that.

Inspired by ancient principles and confirmed by science, our master formulator has designed a unique water purification process to enhance the natural, life giving properties of this most precious element.

Replicating the powerful effects of a mighty flowing river, our proprietary process facilitates the flow of purified glacier/rain water through a crystal vortex and silver coil enhancement system, returning the water to its pristine, energetically charged state and imprinting it with positive and beneficial messages all the while boosting its solvent properties.

Thus cleansed, the water we use has an enhanced molecular structure that allows our products to penetrate the skin's surface on a deeper level and enables your skin to meaningfully receive the nutritive and beneficial properties found in face 4 humanity's unique formulas. Our purified water also acts as a natural preservative thereby eliminating the need for harsh chemical or synthetic additives.

At face 4 humanity we understand that water is a special element. Water is Life! - and deserves the utmost respect!

Organic Face Products

Our certified organic face products are just as safe for the environment as are the eco-sustainable packaging in which we deliver them. As pure as the water used in our products, our organic face products provide replenishment and nourishment for your face. Protect your skin from free-radical damage by using our organic face products containing rich antioxidants. Have supple and healthy skin as a result of using our organic face products, such as our Eye Cream and Face Serum.